Soft and Cuddly Bath

2/6/2014 7:57:21 PM
Soft and Cuddly Bath - KidTrail Find
Soft and Cuddly Bath - KidTrail Find
Soft and Cuddly Bath - KidTrail Find
Incredibly lush and soft bath for babies up to 6 months. This adorable Blooming Bath is handmade from incredibly soft, cuddly materials. Blooming Bath's petals hug any sink to create a safe, fun and convenient bath time experience for your little one. What we love about the Blooming Bath is that its plush materials cradle and cushion your baby. Especially at the fragile younger months, the hard plastic baby bath tubs are uncomfortable and don't cradle your baby like the soft Blooming Bath.

Using and caring for Blooming Bath couldn’t be easier. Push it into your sink and it creates the perfect cushioned cradle to wash your baby. When you're finished, gently squeeze out the excess water and throw it in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. Or, if you prefer, just use the hang tag on the back, your Blooming Bath will be dry in no time. Price is $39.99.

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