6 Best Photo Book Printing Apps for Families

7/6/2016 3:05:48 PM
6 Best Photo Book Printing Apps for Families - KidTrail Pick
Looking for a way to organize your family photos? Well, look no further! KidTrail has compiled a list of 6 awesome photobook printing apps! Users can easily create unique, high quality photo books that capture beautiful memories. Whether you’re creating a personalized photobook for your son’s birthday or an anniversary present for a loved one, this list will make it happen!  Also, since every site we have listed has options for affordable photo books (starting as low as $2.99), you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank! So, take a look for yourself and discover how easy it is to turn those iPhone pictures into high quality photo books!

By: Juliette Desmond
What: Chatbooks is an easy and simple way to print photos. It automatically puts your photos in chronological order from your chosen source such as Facebook, Instagram or Favorites Folder. Once you choose your source where photos will be pulled from, it will be automatically uploaded from that source and placed into a 60 page photo book for printing.  Each time you have 60 new photos, a new Chatbook will be created and shipped for $8.  You do have the option to remove photos you do not want.  How cool is this?  Simple, affordable and very minimal effort! 

Cost: $8 per 60 page photo book. Automatically creates a Chatbook per 60 new photos.
For more information: chatbooks.com
Available on Apple App Store 
What: Have you ever lost cherished photos? Maybe from a family vacation or birthday? Well, those days are long gone with the Groovebook! With a Groovebook subscription service, you choose 40­100 photos each month and the app puts them into a 4.5 x 6.5 photo book! With perforated pages, Groovebook photos are easy to tear and share with family and friends! The vibrant, colorful spines of the book (which change every month) add a touch of creativity to each Groovebook. A simple and cost effective way to print and organize photos! 
Cost: Groovebook subscription is $2.99/month plus tax.  
For more information: groovebook.com 
Available on Apple App Store and Google Play

Artifact Uprising  
What: Artfully crafted photo books, prints, cards, and wall prints that are customized to your liking. Artifact uprising offers both soft cover and hard cover using recycled book pages, so not only are you receiving a beautiful, hand­crafted photo book but you’re being environmentally friendly as well! Give your photobook an elegant, polished look with Artifact Uprising’s customized photobook services!  
Cost: Price varies according to specifications. Prices range from $17.99­$239 for photobooks  
For more information: www.artifactuprising.com 
Available on Apple App Store
What: Snapfish photobooks are a simple, stylish and fun way to create photobooks via the app or website. Create fun photobooks by choosing a design theme, editing colors and background, arranging a layout and finally adding some personality by adding phrases, stickers and frames. It is a unique and fun way to create your own special photobook!
Cost: Price varies, start at $19.99
For more information: 
What: MyPublisher, founded in 1994, creates quality, customized photo books! Photobooks are available in soft cover and hard cover as well as premium leather photobooks. Since MyPublisher controls its own printing and manufacturing, it has the unique advantage of delivering excellent and consistent quality and service. With impressive design options such as leather binding, you’re sure to create a photobook that will stand the test of time!  
Cost: Photo books start at $19.99. Premium albums start at $300.
For more information: www.mypublisher.com 
What: Blurb is a simple way to not only create photobooks but also trade books, magazines and ebooks! Blurb’s proprietary software BookWright, is an easy-to-use tool to create and customize a photo book.
Simply drag and drop your images into layouts, choose from a range of pre-designed templates or customize your own layouts and finally publish any kind of photo book or magazine. In addition, eBooks allow you to create, sell, publish, and distribute photo books in print and digital formats. You can start with a template to create your own designs or hire an expert, a Blurb-vetted professional available at any stage of your project for editing, design, illustration and more!
Cost: Starts at $14.99
For more information: www.blurb.com 
Photo Credit: Chatbooks



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