Sip - N - Spoon Straw!

7/12/2015 11:15:40 AM
Sip - N - Spoon Straw! - KidTrail Find
Sip - N - Spoon Straw! - KidTrail Find
When we at KidTrail saw the Sip-N-Spoon Straw, we were thrilled! Who likes the sound of slurping milk or slurping ice cream. And how fun is this for your little kiddo to use the spoon to scoop up cereal or ice cream and then top it off by using the straw end of the spoon to drink the milk or melted ice cream. We couldn’t resist and bought a six pack set. Our little 4 year old was thrilled as his morning ritual usually includes slurping up left over milk from his cereal bowl. They also make for great party favors! Prices range from $5.99 - $14.97.

Check them out at:

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