What age ranges do the age categories represent?

Babies: Under 1
Toddlers: 1 - 2
Preschool: 3 - 4
Elementary: 5 - 9
Tweens: 10 - 12
Teens: 13 - 19

How do I get my events listed?

There are two ways to get your event listed in the KidTrail events calendar. You can either send us details about your event using this form (recommended). All events need to be approved by KidTrail.com before it is displayed so you need to send us your event at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled event. Or, you can email us the details of your event at getlisted@KidTrail.com and we can add your event for you.

How do I get my venue or service listed?

Please send us details about your venue or service using this form (recommended). Or you can email us details of your venue or service at getlisted@KidTrail.com. If you have a picture to display, please send us a jpeg. A picture is recommended. Please note, this form is not for private lessons.

I provide lessons in various instruments, how do I get listed in the Private Lessons section?

Currently, it is free to get listed in Private Lessons. However, there will be a small fee later down the road to get listed in Private Lessons. If you are interested in getting listed for free, please send us details about your private lessons using this form (recommended). Or, you can send us an email at getlisted@KidTrail.com and we will email you a form to complete.

Can I embed the KidTrail events calendar to my own website or blog?

Yes. Please click here to embed the KidTrail calendar to your own website or blog. This is a simple and easy way to provide local events to your readers without doing any of the research and work yourself. Let our expert editors do all the work in creating this amazing calendar. It’s simple and easy to install.

Why are some venues/services listed by specific geographic area and others are listed by the entire region such as Chicagoland or New York Metro or Los Angeles Metro?

That is a good question. There are some listings where people are willing to travel throughout Chicagoland. For example, Halloween Pumpkin Patches happen only once a year and people are willing to travel to a pumpkin patch if it is rated highly and considered fun. Also, Birthday Entertainers travel throughout Chicagoland to perform at birthday parties so they are not restricted by area.

However, most people want a preschool or dentist close to where they live so these types of lists are available by geographic area.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for talented and detail oriented people to fill our Associate Editor, marketing and administrative positions. Please email us at mail@KidTrail.com.