Watch your baby from anywhere!

3/8/2016 8:26:11 AM
Watch your baby from anywhere! - KidTrail Find
Watch your baby from anywhere! - KidTrail Find
We wish we had the WiFi baby 2.0 four years ago when our first child was born. Looking at the baby monitor we bought at that time, it seems so archaic compared to this super high tech and reliable baby monitor. Your baby is always at your side with the WiFi 2.0. You can watch and hear your child on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets. You can also check in from work using any browser on Mac or PC. Apps support 4 cameras with simultaneous video and audio. If you have to leave your child behind, this product will give you peace of mind as you can always monitor what is happening at home. It is also a nanny cam and has night vision precision. Price is $259 (Includes Shipping and Tax).

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