Ice Cream Pops in 7 Minutes

2/6/2014 8:04:55 PM
Ice Cream Pops in 7 Minutes - KidTrail Find
Ice Cream Pops in 7 Minutes - KidTrail Find
Ice Cream Pops in 7 Minutes - KidTrail Find
We love love the Zoku Quick Pop Maker for its versatility and uniqueness! You can make one of a kind ice cream pops. And, what's great is that it takes only seven minutes right on your countertop to make. Quickly impress your guests while providing a delicious and healthy snack or make it a decadent and sweet snack. You can make striped pops, yogurt pops or flavored core pops.

To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment’s notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer. Once the base is frozen, you can take it out and make your Quick Pops in about 7 minutes. The kit includes six durable, reusable plastic pop sticks that have unique ridged designs that allow pops to adhere securely, with special drip guards for tidy eating. A specially designed Super Tool helps to quickly release the frozen treats from their molds. The unit can make up to 9 pops before refreezing the unit again.

Includes 1 Quick Pop Maker, 6 sticks, 6 drip guards, and 1 Super Tool. How cool is this product? It makes for a perfect gift! BPA and phthalate free. Price is $49.95.

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