7 Best Photo Sharing Apps for Families

5/11/2016 12:37:56 PM
7 Best Photo Sharing Apps for Families - KidTrail Pick
Parents have the best intentions when it comes to keeping a journal of their kiddos with photos and memories.  Unfortunately, for most, it takes a backseat and doesn’t get accomplished due to the busy schedules most families have.  This list of 7 best photo sharing apps makes it super easy to keep track of your baby or kiddos milestones with photos and memories.  Best of all, all of these are private and you can share with your exclusive invite only members.  And many on this list also let you create beautiful photobooks as keepsakes! Now, there are no excuses for why there are no pictures of your little one!


What: Tinybeans is a really cool and much need app for parents.  Many parents have the best intentions to chronicle their little ones lives either with online pics or a keepsake baby book.  But, those best intentions sometimes get overlooked with the day to day grind of life! This app makes it simple to snap a photo, save a sweet memory and share with family.  The goal is to take a picture a day to chronicle the daily life of your kiddos. Each picture can be captioned with a memory and ultimately can be made into a beautiful photo book to treasure forever! It really does make capturing and chronicling memories so much easier!

You can share with friends and family and if you give permission, friends and family can even add their own pictures with comments. Pictures can be viewed via web interface or on the mobile app.

Cost: Tinybeans is free to download the app and to use the website. They have a premium version with additional features, and there is a cost attached to creating and printing your photo books. But there is no charge for you to upload moments or access your photos.Free to use Tinybeans. 

For more information:

Available on Apple App store and Google Play. 


What: Photocircle is a simple app to capture your memories in a shared photo album. It's fast, private, and simple. Create albums for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, vacations, families, and classrooms. There’s no limit to the number of photos you can add or friends you can invite, and only members of the album can add and view photos. What happens in PhotoCircle stays in PhotoCircle. Photos added to the Circle are private by default. This is a simple way to share photos without adding text or captions to each picture, just upload and share!

Web/desktop and video coming soon!

Cost: Free to use

For more information:


Available on Apple App Store and Google Play


What: Lifecake allows parents to see and share your child’s amazing progress with a fun and private photo and video timeline. It is a combination of photo app meets digital journal meets timeline of your baby’s life. It is simple to set up and use. You can add pictures or you can pull a stream of pics from your phone or Facebook/Instagram, tag and share with family or friends. It sounds very similar to the other apps out there but what makes it different is the built in timeline based on your baby’s birth date. This feature allows you to see what your baby was doing at 3 months or 8 months or whatever you choose. Similar to the other apps, you can add comments to any photo such as “first time walking”. And the invite-only sharing adds a level of confidence. Ultimately, you can order a hardcover book of your photo timeline right from the website.

Cost: Lifecake's apps and Website are free to use. They also offer a premium version for $36 per year - for keeping unlimited amounts of your content safe forever - and you can also create beautiful, high quality, 80-page photobooks for $50 plus shipping.

For more information:

Available on Apple App store and Google Play. 


What: Shutterfly allows you to create a free and fun photo sharing website for all your photo sharing needs. With Shutterfly Share sites, you can create a free photo-sharing website in minutes. Use your Share site to privately (or publicly) share photos with friends and family, a sports team, classroom, co-workers, membership, or any group. As with any Shutterfly product, you can customize your website with exclusive designs and layouts specific to your tastes. With your new Share site, you are not limited to just sharing photos; share messages and updates, add videos, calendars, polls, team rosters, forums and more.

You can make a Shutterfly Share Website for all sorts of groups such as families, sports team, classroom, wedding, travel, baby, and events/celebrations to name a few.

Cost: Free to create a personal Shutterfly Website

For more information:

Also available on Apple App Store.

23 Snaps

What: 23snaps is basically like a Facebook for sharing family photos.  On Facebook, most don’t want to overshare their kid photos and really only a handful of people want to continuously see your kiddo photos.  And usually those people are parents, grandparents and maybe other relatives/close friends.  So, 23snaps is basically a private social network to stay connected with pictures, status updates, videos and more. After you upload a picture, you can share with family members which is accessible on all devices such as website, android, apple, windows and Kindle. Images get displayed in a news feed similar to Facebook.  All sharing is completely private and ultimately, you can print out a lovely photo book if you choose.

Cost: Free to use.  Price varies to purchase a photobook.

For more information:

Moment Garden

What: Moment Garden is another baby journal and photo book.  But, what makes this different is that it literally is a virtual garden where you plant milestones and baby memories.  The look is simple and fun! You can upload photos or videos to a certain date in time and tag it with some memories and it literally gets planted in a virtual garden.  You also have the option to just plant text if you would like to share just memories instead. It is completely private so it is accessible to only those family members or friends that you have invited. You can even add thoughts directly to your garden via email if you don’t have access to the app or website. Pretty cool! Ultimately, you can print out high quality photo books of your moment garden photos!

Cost: Free to use.  Price varies to purchase photo book.

For more information:

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store


What: Cluster is like a Facebook for private group sharing with family and friends. You can upload pictures and share amongst a custom group of friends or family.  For example, night out with the girls pictures can be privately shared with your friends.  Or, baby photos can be privately shared with family members.  You can create custom groups for private sharing of photos.  Similar to Facebook, users can comment and like photos. It is a great way to share and comment on photos away from social media.

Cost: Free to use

For more information:

Available on the web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Photo Credit: Tinybeans



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