New Chicago Play Space With Bunnies & Birds!

1/30/2016 8:27:51 PM
New Chicago Play Space With Bunnies & Birds! - KidTrail Pick
Holding a sweet little bunny!
New Chicago Play Space With Bunnies & Birds! - KidTrail Pick
Train table at Happy Play!
Yes, you read the title right! Happy Play is a new play space concept in Chicago. Happy Play is part rescue center for rabbits, part bird pet store and part indoor play center for children. The birds are all child friendly and kiddos are encouraged to interact with the birds. Instead of keeping the birds locked up in a cage, they are free to fly around in a designated room.  This open environment is inviting for all.

The bunnies in the rescue center stay in their own cages and are available for adoption by loving families with children.  How cool is this place?  Enjoy the play space, pet some bunnies, fly with the birds all in one happy place or Happy Play as they are called!

Adoption fee for a bunny is $100.

Each bird can be purchased for $30.

Play Space Rates:
$15 per child (includes 1 adult per each child)
$7 per adult (adults only)

Happy Play
2346 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL, 60614

Photo Credit: Happy Play



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