St. Patrick’s Day Parade & River Dying in Chicago

3/6/2018 8:35:58 AM
St. Patrick’s Day Parade & River Dying in Chicago - KidTrail Pick
Irish Dancers at Chicago's St. Patrick's Day Parade
With Chicago’s large and vibrant Irish community, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually with its annual downtown parade and river dying.  This is a must see for all families! The kiddos will love the enthusiasm, Irish dancers and festive environment! Make a day of it by coming early to downtown as it gets pretty crowded. Public transportation is highly recommended. The Parade will be broadcast LIVE this year by ABC-Channel 7! 

Here are details of the parade and river dying:

River Dying

Dying of the Chicago River is scheduled for 9:00 am, Saturday March 17, 2018. The best place to see the dyeing is the intersection of Michigan Ave, Wacker Drive and the river. For over 40 years, the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers turn the Chicago River green for the St. Patrick's Day Parade celebration.

Parade Route

Downtown Chicago Parade begins at 12:00 noon, Saturday March 17, 2018. The Parade route begins on the corner of Columbus Drive and Balbo then continues North to Monroe. The parade will continue despite the weather; snow, ice, rain, the parade goes on no matter what.

What is the formula for the dye you may ask? According to the organizers of the parade, it is a closely guarded secret that has been proven safe for the environment.

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