Sleepovers at Top Chicago Museums

2/1/2016 8:54:56 AM
Sleepovers at Top Chicago Museums - KidTrail Pick
Looking for a fun Chicago experience with the kiddos or looking for a non-toy gift to give a child, well look no further as a sleepover at one of Chicago’s top museums will sure put a smile on your kiddos face. Choose from one of four participating museums to experience a night at the museum.  Sleep with the fishes, explore the dinosaurs, see amazing space shows or take part in a scientific scavenger hunt. Whichever option you choose, cap the night off with a cozy story time while making memories to last a lifetime! Enjoy and let us know what your experience has been in the comments below.

Dozin with the Dinos at The Field Museum

What: SUE the T. rex is having a sleepover! What is the Dozin’ with the Dinos overnight program like? Bring your sleeping bag and explore one of the most exciting spots in town! Dozin’ with the Dinos is a unique opportunity for children ages 6-12 to spend the night at The Field Museum. Spend your evening enjoying workshop activities like dissecting owl pellets and live insects from your own backyard. Enjoy a snack break to fuel yourself for a self guided tour of Inside Ancient Egypt – in the dark! (Make sure to bring your flashlight!) Before you know it you’re listening to bedtime stories outside the Maori Meeting House and crawling into your sleeping bag in one of the wondrous exhibitions. Check website for a detailed itinerary. Space is limited so register early.

Age: 6 – 12

Fridays: February 5, February 12, February 19, March 18, April 1. Saturday, April 9. Fridays: May 6 and May 13.

Time: Dozin with the Dinos begins at 5:40 p.m. and ends at 9 a.m. the following day.

Group Rate: $60 per person. A group consists of 15 or more people. Groups with fewer than 15 members must register as individuals. Standard Overnight Rate: $65 per person ($60 for Field Museum members)

How to buy tickets:
Families can purchase tickets online at or call the Reservations Office at 312.665.7400 M-F 9am-4pm.

Asleep with the Fishes at Shedd Aquarium

What: Spring into a new season with a sleepover at Shedd! At Asleep with the Fishes overnights, you'll spend the night exploring the aquarium to learn about animals through a scavenger hunt, an aquatic show and the Amphibians special exhibit. Stay the night to sleep next to the fishes, or head home after the evening's activities. Guests are free to explore any of the open exhibit spaces. They also have scheduled events and activities throughout the night, including an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, animal stories, crafts and more! Check website for a detailed itinerary. Space is limited so register early.

Age: Overnights are for kids 5 and older. Most activities are geared toward 5- to 12-year-olds. If you are attending the overnight as a family, all children must be accompanied by an adult. If you are attending as a group, one adult needs to accompany every five children.

Dates: Fridays on Jan. 29, 2016, Feb. 12, 2016, Feb. 19, 2016, March. 4, 2016 & March. 18, 2016

Time: Asleep with the Fishes begins at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 a.m. the following day.

REGULAR: $75/person ($60/member). Reserve your spot and pack your sleeping bag, jammies and toothbrush. VIP: $90/person ($75/member). Upgrade to bring an air mattress, receive VIP seating at the aquatic show and enjoy other perks. EVENING ONLY: $40/person ($20/member). Join our special activities without staying the night.

How to buy tickets:
You can purchase tickets online. To purchase more than 10 adult tickets and/or 10 child tickets, please call 312-939-2438.

Science Snoozeum at Museum of Science & Industry

What: Stay overnight in the Museum of Science and Industry! Enjoy a rare chance to visit MSI after everyone else has gone home! Explore the Museum's one-of-a-kind exhibits at your own pace. Participate in special science activities and make your own science toys. Complete a scavenger hunt for a special patch. Sleep nose-to-nose with a 727, next to a giant heart or steps away from a toy-making factory. It's all part of the Snoozeum! Check website for a detailed itinerary. Space is limited so register early.

Age: Snoozeums are open to groups of both boys and girls ages 6-12, as well as families with children ages 6-12. 

Dates: January 22, 2016, February 5, 2016, February 20, 2016, March 11, 2016, April 15, 2016

Time: The Snoozeum begins at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 a.m. the following day. 

Cost: The $65 per person fee includes overnight admission, parking, an Omnimax film, activities, a Snoozeum patch and breakfast.

How to buy tickets:
Families with kids ages 6-12 can register by phone at (773) 684-9844, ext. 8800.

Astro Overnights at Adler Planetarium

What: Don’t miss your chance to spend the night at the museum! Sample itinerary: Hands-on activities, see two amazing sky shows, enjoy a light night-time snack, savor a continental breakfast. Want to enjoy the evening, but can’t spend the night? No worries. There is an evening-only option available. Enjoy the same program, but sleep in your own bed.

Age: Please note that Astro-Overnights are limited to children ages 6-12 with their families, scout group, or other special group. All children attending the evening-only portion or the full Overnight must be accompanied by an adult.

Dates: March 4, 2016, March 11, 2016, April 1, 2016, May 6, 2016 and June 3, 2016

Time: Astro Overnights begins at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 8 a.m. the following day.

Overnight: $60 per person/$55 per member or groups of 15 or more. Evening only (6 p.m. – 10 p.m.): $30 per person/$27.50 per member or groups of 15 or more. VIP Sleeping Option: For $70 per person, you can sleep under the “stars” in the Grainger Sky Theater for a truly magical experience!

How to buy tickets:
Purchase tickets online at the link below:

If you are a group leader of 15+, please email Adler Planetarium so they can check availability and get you registered.


Photo Credit: Shedd Aquarium



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